Thursday, April 30, 2009

Time Capsule

I'd rather forget these past few months, and make 2009 an eight month year.
My time capsule would contain:

- A pillow, to mock me. The insomnia had become so severe that I was only getting 3-4 hours every single night. Everything I could try without insurance had no effect (Seriously? Telling a major insomniac to drink camomile tea or take some Benadryl-I might hurt you.) Eventually insurance kicks in and I get a presecription for the strongest thing on the market. Which works less and less well every night.

-A butterfly net to catch the butterflies in my stomach. They are whipped into a frenzy all day, every day, all night if I couldn't sleep. Being so wired for so long with no respite made me feel like I couldn't take that anymore.

-A box of Kleenex for all the days my husband came home from work to find me in tears, for reasons unknown.

- A counseling book for the time I told him, "Why would you stay with me?"

- A pharmacy bottle contating the "better living through Chemistry" that has finally helped me get on my feet again.

And so there will be happy memories in the time capsule- a draft of my thesis, done by late spring and defended by summers end.