Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I just discovered that our local food bank accepts magazines. I'm pleased to have found a second home for my 3 years + supply that I couldn't bring myself to recycle. Still so readable!

For awhile my Mom was saving her shower warm-up water to flush her toilet. It was as simple as putting a bucket in the tub, and it only was really enough for 1-2 toilet flushes a day. She got her water bill from that month and it was fully HALF of the normal, even with 2 extra people in the house for that week Booker and I were visiting. Dang! Gonna get me a bucket.

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Rob said...

Yay for reducing footprints!

I just now started reading your blog (sorry for not starting earlier), so I'll be reading your back-blog soon. I really liked your last post and wanted to comment on it but thought I'd just put it here to make sure you saw it:
I can only sort of imagine what you've been going through, though I'm sure my imagination pales in comparison to your reality. I hope things get better, or more familiar, or something like that (given your post I hesitate to say 'easier').

And if you're looking for places to move, might I suggest beautiful Upstate NY? You could apply to SUNY ESF for your PhD, and when you finish you could start up a lab here and hire me as your assistant! Just like the old old days... But seriously, if you're interested in the school/area, I can give you more info and propaganda. It'd be great to have another highly educated friend around :)

Sorry for the long comment.