Friday, January 15, 2010


A good friend, who is also an international development worker, has been most recently stationed in Haiti. She recommends the following organization for relief donations:

Partners in Health

She had remained in the States after the holidays, recuperating from a back injury.

As for the rest, I am speechless and feel horribly helpless. This morning I saw on Huffington Post that Americans have donated 8 million USD via cell phone donations. I am very, very proud.


christy said...

i am so proud. yet, disgusted by people's facebook status messages encouraging people not to help and to help u.s. citizens instead!!! people are compassionless.

S. said...

Yeah, Christy, I found a few of those and was so horified that I couldn't look any longer. There is NOTHING we have going on here that is as grotesque as what the Haitian citizens are going through. Plus, those people who say that are usually ones who make a practice of only helping themselves anyway; those who follow the mentality of SC Lt. Gov. Bauer, happily comparing the poor to stray animals. Where has the "help Americans first" crowd been for the past 18 months, while US food banks have been scraping by? Yes, the economy is bad, but the majority of Americans can still afford an extra 0.79 cent can of beans a week to pass along to a hungry neighbor. I'm happy that that selfish, isolationist attitude is the minority, now and hopefully forever. And to that minority, I say the following:

You think we should help Americans first? Fine, Democracy dictates that that is your perogative. But go ahead and tell me what you are doing to help Americans. Oh, that's right....not a damn thing. So why do you think that you have a right to dictate how the rest of us display human compassion?

Christy, I am glad that there are people like you who will raise the next generation to care about everyone.!!!